Mission Statement & Privacy Pratices

    Committed to Providing Excellent Customer Service & Quality Merchandise with-in a Clean, Friendly, & Pleasant Environment. We Strive to Ensure all Customers have a Pleasant Professional Fitting Experience. We are Committed to Quality Care & Individual Needs. Customer Satisfaction is Our Main Goal.

    Irenes Fitting Room is compliant with all of the HIPPA standards as required by law. We keep all of  your medical and financial information private. Your medical and financial information is stored at 5979 Commerce Blvd, #10, Rohnert Park, Ca, 94928. It is secured under lock and key. We do not disclose or share your records with anyone without your signed consent.
  • We respect your rights under HIPPA .  If you have a complaint, let us know and we will give you a form to fill out and we will take the necessary steps to resolve it as soon as possible.

    If you need to reach us after hours please call 707-303-7261, leave a message and we will call you the following business day.

    If you have an emergency please call 911

    If you need further information about privacy practices please contact Christine I DiMaio at 707-303-7261.

    Would you like a copy of the long version HIPPA?